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Post  Zoketi on Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:31 am

Torqu ; Grey Wolf Create.php?text=Torqu&name=Windsong
Torqu ; Grey Wolf 6034313578_5a9e70ac3c_z
Name: Torqu

Gender: she-wolf

Age: pup

Species: grey wolf

Rank: pup

Description: Scrawny and long-legged. She is a silvery-grey mix, darker on her back and face and neck. It is almost a blue-grey in some places. Her eyes are teal (ignore picture). She's a bit on the small side, but it's not overly obvious. Makes up for it with swiftness.

Strengths: agility, endurance, stealth, intelligent.

Weaknesses: shyness, little physical strength, not that fast over short distances

Personality: Tor is a tough girl, despite her quiet demeanor. She's always fighting to have a spot, as being small puts her at a disadvantage sometimes. Though she might seem soft and demure, she's quite the fierce wolf. She's fascinated by things and loves learning. She's also very much into battle-skills, and would pester her parents about them when she was younger. She hates being passed over, and can be very short-tempered. Torqu is very defensive and likes to fight--she'll jump in whether it's smart or not.

Kin: Jayzo - mother; Daro - father; Arclo - brother

Love Interest: none.

Offspring: none.

History: recently born into the Mountain pack.

Torqu ; Grey Wolf 6033761849_015ab89699_z

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