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Smokestar ; Domestic Cat Graphic

Name: Smokekit - Smokepaw - Smokewater - Smokestar

Gender: tom

Age: thirty-seven moons

Species: domestic cat

Rank: leader

Description: a tall, slim silver-and-white tabby tom with short sleek fur. his pelt darkens towards his legs and tail, and is lighter on his underside. his eyes are icy blue.

Strengths: fairness, intelligence, decisiveness, tranquility, far-sightedness, agility, speed

Weaknesses: secretive, pessimistic, overcritical, timid, physical strength, stealth

Personality: A more quiet and thoughtful warrior, Smokestar is very intelligent. He always thinks before doing. To others, Smokestar may seem weak. In reality, he is a very tough cat and knows how to defend himself--though he is usually calm and relaxed. His fairness and kindness make him a better leader, though some see it as weakness. He does tend to be a bit secretive, and is always fretting over what others think of him. He is somewhat of a pessimist as well, but not to the extreme. He will protect his clan with his life, and cherishes each member dearly.

Kin: featherheart - mother; deceased
reedclaw - father; deceased
ashbreeze - sister; living

Love Interest: frostlichen - mate

Offspring: nettlekit - son
cedarkit - son
sprucekit - daughter

History: Smokestar was born to Featherheart and her mate Reedclaw. Both were proud cats, and always wanted the best for their kits. Featherheart was a very fretful mother, and often Smokekit and Ashkit were prohibited from trivial things such as going outside on a snowy day. Reedclaw was better, but he was also a bit bothersome--he always wanted his children to be perfect, to grow up and be wonderful warriors. Sometimes Ashkit's more feisty personality gave her the strength to stand up to Reedclaw.
As the pair became apprentices, Smokepaw held a secret ambition of becoming leader. Then again, it was common for young cats to want leadership. The only cat he ever told before he became leader was his best friend, Frostpaw. She and her siblings Stormpaw and Aspenpaw were a few moons younger than Smokepaw and Ashpaw, but Smokepaw quickly found his best friend in the form of the pretty light tortoiseshell--beginning when they were kits. Of course, he later fell in love. They kept it a secret too, Smokepaw felt it was awkward. That is why no one still knows he's the father of Frostlichen's kits. The Clan still wonders why such a handsome young leader has no mate.
When Smokepaw became Smokewater, he was already a keen observer--a trait that made him a better leader. He was chosen as Puddlestar's deputy, because she saw in him a perfect leader. Even Reedclaw was surprised, but very proud. When Puddlestar died, killed by a fox, Smokewater took up the mantle of leadership strongly, and has held it ever since.

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