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Post  Zoketi on Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:03 am


All of these must be followed at all times.

1. No inappropriate behavior on any level; that includes any extreme violence/gore, torture, sexually explicit ideas, asking for personal information from another user.

2. Be polite to others at all times. Do not start fights, do not start any drama.

3. Please be realistic; unless the roleplay specifies unreal character attributes, do not make your characters purple or polka-dotted. Also, please DO NOT make a warrior cat apprentice hunt perfectly five huge rabbits on its first outing, for example.

4. Do not kill another user's character without their permission. Likewise, in fights, say you "aim" for an opponent rather than you "hit" it. That gives the other user a chance to avoid or take the hit, so it becomes more fair.

5. Please do not plagiarize. That means to take another's stuff (characters, artwork, writing, etc.) without their express permission.

6. No spamming or advertising here.

7. Do not mini-mod; meaning to tell others what the rules are and if they are breaking them. The mods will take care of that.

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