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Post  WalkingWithBarefeet on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:03 pm

Belaku; Rabbit 3452961882_0d6217abbc

Name: Belaku ('light' in Kannada; she's called Laku or just Ku for short)

Gender: female/doe

Age: young teen

Species: Dwarf Hotot

Rank: loner

Description: striking white base with dark black circles around her eyes, similar to a look like mascara or eyeliner on people

Strengths: silent on her feet, agility, speed, compassionate, intelligence upon natural remedies

Weaknesses: physical strength, stubborn, physically petite, over-thinking, anxiety

Personality: Belaku has always been a doctoring sort of bunny, enjoying healing others. She has a knack for knowing what'll alleviate someone's symptoms. She doesn't just care for other rabbits either--she'll care for any creature that needs her help, and she doesn't give up easily. A kinder or more loving, compassionate soul you'd be hard-pressed to find.

Kin: sister to Animosa

Love Interest: none

Offspring: none

History: wip

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