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Imbir ; Rabbit Empty Imbir ; Rabbit

Post  Zoketi on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:25 pm

Imbir ; Rabbit Tumblr_moafh6yFDs1sty5zno1_500
Imbir ; Rabbit Tumblr_mnwy0bRlY11sty5zno1_500

Name: Imbir ("ginger" in Russian)

Gender: male/buck

Age: teenager

Species: rabbit,

Rank: loner

Description: white base with orange patches, large upright ears, long legs, short fluffy fur, dark eyes.

Strengths: kind, peaceful, patient, careful, selfless

Weaknesses: skittish, easily worried, fretful, cowardly, panicky, blunt

Personality: wip

Kin: none living

Love Interest: none

Offspring: none

History: wip

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