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Takku; Rabbit Empty Takku; Rabbit

Post  WalkingWithBarefeet on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:49 pm

Takku; Rabbit EnglishSpotRabbit2WCR_AcS113

Name: Takku

Gender: male/buck

Age: teenager

Species: English Spot rabbit

Rank: loner

Description: white base with medium brown flecks on his sides, brown around his eyes, ears, and a brown muzzle; also a brown stripe down his spine

Strengths: Sturdy, strong, loyal, protective, chivalrous

Weaknesses: arrogant at times, rambunctious, sometimes aggressive and territorial

Personality: Takku is a good rabbit at heart, but he can seem a bit like a jerk when one first meets him. He's a hit-first-ask-questions-later type of rabbit, who gets angered quickly at the slightest hint that something or somebunny he loves might be in danger. Once you're in his good graces and he's in yours, however, you'll have a friend who'll fight by you until the end.

Kin: none

Love Interest: none

Offspring: none

History: wip

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