Zamarru ; Grizzly Bear

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Zamarru ; Grizzly Bear Empty Zamarru ; Grizzly Bear

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Zamarru ; Grizzly Bear Blond-grizzly-bear_4118

Name: Zamarru

Gender: male

Age: approximately sixteen years old via human aging.

Species: grizzly bear

Rank: loner

Orientation: heterosexual

Description: Zamarru isn't tiny, but he is most certainly not huge. He has a sturdy build, but it is lean and more slim than some--especially for a male. He has all the usual attributes of a young grizzly, from a tuft of a tail to his huge but dull claws. His fur is a bit more different. It's brown, of course, but far lighter. A blondish color, rather. His pelt is thick and pale down to the top of his legs. Then it darkens, to a more usual brown. And continues to blacken until reaching his claws. Zamarru's muzzle is narrow and his ears large. The color of his eyes is a pale greyish hue.

Strengths: This young bear finds he is best at stealth. And indeed, he is very good at prowling about unseen. Even with a slightly unusual pelt color, he manages to stay hidden well unless he wants to be seen. He is decently good at swimming, which of course is a usual grizzly bear habit. Even climbing he's not terrible at. Yet it's skulking about that he's the master of--something that helped him considerably when playing with his sister.

Weaknesses: Zamarru is not very physically strong. Nor is he fast. He prefers to take things slower; which of course is what stealth is all about. He tends to hang back, and often this gives him more time to fear things. He's not good with being afraid--it's like a shame to him, and he  always does all he can to hide it.

Personality: --

Kin: Mverti { mother ; furry dark brown she-bear with brownish grey eyes } , Kabrin { father ; light colored he-bear with bright amber gold eyes } , Sarashia { sister ; pale furred she-bear with brownish gold eyes }

History: --

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