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name;; eevana talulah rinarrn.
nickname;; eev, vana.
gender;; female.
age;; fifteen.
birthday;; november 28, someyear
house;; ravenclaw.
year;; first.
title;; --

stature;; petite, slim, skinny, somewhat ragged in appearance. noticeably small for her age, though built well and muscled beneath pale skin.
hair;; long, slightly wavy, reaches to waist. starting blonde and darkening to brown at tips, surprisingly natural.
skin;; pale cream, dotted with scrapes and other minor injuries achieved mostly from gallivanting about the woods around her house.
eyes;; hazel-green. mostly greenish, ringed with golden-tawny hues that give her eyes a brighter look. from a distance, the description of them would be plain emerald green.
height;; somewhere above three feet and below four. hasn't had many growth spurts and is underdeveloped.
weight;; around sixty-five to seventy pounds--tends to vary.
robes;; usual black with white shirt and blue/bronze tie. black pants. whatever the normal female shoes are. loose or two-braided hair. wears blue scarf during winter, and often has blue or green socks. (favorite colour is green despite that it clashes sometimes--not that she cares much).
muggle garb;; blue jeans and random t-shirts or long-sleeves. black converse sneakers. loose or two-braided hair.

blood status;; half-blood, perhaps more muggle blood.
kin;; Vivian Rinarrn (mother, mostly muggle blood - deceased, short with pale skin and dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes), Quesnan Rinarrn (father, mostly pureblood, somewhat short with tan brown hair, pale skin, green eyes), Aku Rinnarn (brother -- fourth year, ravenclaw, has darker hair, mix between blond and brown, hazel gold eyes)
orientation;; bisexual & bi-romantic, favors males.
marital status;; single
eyes on;; none.
partner;; none.
children;; none.
pets;; nakamoren, a male barn owl. family dog, a dalmation named Dana. father owns a buckskin hippogriff named Therindel.

wand;; ten and one fourth inches long, cedar wood, slightly bendy yet strong, dragon heartstring core.
patronus;; an eurasian lynx.
boggart;; seeing her mother die again/seeing nakamoren die
quidditch;; nope.
best class;; at the moment, potions, art and astronomy. when in third year, care of magical creatures, and later perhaps alchemy. dunno about orchestra?
worst class;; ????
abilities;; will become an animagus.
personality;; shy, calm, clever, sometimes cold, observant, nature-lover, guarded. pure introvert. dislikes being in crowds and tends to be a little snappish when spoken to. but is always longing for friendship--often lonely. she can be playful and silly. is surprisingly not jumpy and rarely shows shock. able to stand pain well, due to numerous injuries attained whilst wandering the woods around her home. absolutely fascinated when it comes to animals. adores the cosmos as well. loves to draw--mostly nature.

notes;; Her mother died when Eevana was six, from a rare strain of the black cat flu. Eevana caught it but pulled through once they got the cure, but it wasn't in time for her mother. Eevana was present during her mother's passing, therefore she can see thestrals. Her dad's profession deals with lots of traveling--caring for magical beasts around Britain. She is closest to her brother Aku because of his continual absences since her youth. She tends to be a little stoic when talking about her parents, mostly because she resents her father and loves him at the same time--she adores what he does (animals) but hates that he's away so much. And she remembers her mother and misses her greatly. Her mother used to work as a local animal healer of sorts, but didn't get much business, and also had formerly worked as an Auror in the Ministry of Magic due to her high N.E.W.T scores in Defense Against the Dark Arts.
Their home is deep in the English countryside, down a winding dirt path, quite far from any city or even town, and it was always hard to see people. Rarely did they have visitors, and Eevana never had a childhood friend, therefore she found other humans to be rather frightening and did not like to be away from her family when around them. In general, they are a family of introverts, and Quesnan did little to help his children expand from the forests around their cottage. Though personally, Eevana was quite satisfied to wander around the woods exploring and observing and thinking on her own. Aku was a little more outward than she, and he tended to take part in the outside world more if he could--he had favorite Quidditch teams and had great aspirations to join Puddlemere United as a chaser, though also wanted to work with hippogriffs or dragons or other fantastic beasts if possible.
Some of Eevana's favorite creatures are thestrals, hippogriffs, griffins, pheonixes, dragons, and kneazles. She also finds centaurs, werewolves, re'em, kelpies, golden snidgets, occamies, and merpeople to be quite interesting.

history;; huge wip of wippy wipness
mother's death: eevana age six, aku age nine

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