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Eragon AU Character
Isella Taluhisdaughter

Isella ; Human Tumblr_mc0o17mMVh1qb6jeto1_500_large

Name: Isella 

Gender: female

Age: 15 years

Race: human

Orientation: bisexual

Personality: She adores animals in all shapes and forms, from the deer to the little insects. Much of her time is spent in the forest, simply observing her surroundings or sharing her love for the wild with her sister. She is outdoors as much as possible, and finds passion in the form of wildlife that nothing else can spark in her. She is also incredibly shy; for her there are different levels of anti-socialism: her, quiet people, normal people, and boisterous people. She keeps her mouth shut all the time and only her family and those really close to her can coax words out. She doesn't like crowds, though Isella won't let her emotions show in most other situations as well. She may seem very calm and watchful and poised, but many different feelings could be churning beneath her petite outside. There is little that spooks her either, and she doesn't react dramatically to hardly anything. Isella is selfless and will put her family and friends before her. Though not easy to anger, Isella doesn't like when she gets looks from others than plainly express disdain for the shy little girl. She sometimes hates her quietness with fiery fury and wishes she could be stronger in that sense. And despite what fear she has she will be loyal to those she loves and do what she believes to be right.

Appearance: Isella and her sister look quite similar. Both the exact same height, both petite, slim girls. She was born rather pale but life out in the sunlight has darkened her skin. Her hair has been growing since birth and she hasn't cut it once, except for a few trims here and there to keep it somewhat neat and healthy. It is a light brown color--not blond, sort of a light brunette. There's almost a gold tinge to it, but it is still obviously a tan-brown hue. She keeps it tied back in either a single scruffy braid or a ragged ponytail wrapped with leather cords to keep the hair together. Her face is rather narrow and her eyes small and almost slitted at times. They are a very dark teal, flecked with lighter aqua.

Typical clothing style: Being very un-bothered by the appearance of her clothing, Isella tends to don only the simplest, weather-proof wear. A long-sleeved grey-brown or lighter brown tunic over darker leggings, either long ones for winter or cut ones for summer. The rather dull colors may not look appealing, but she hardly cares about that. It helps her to blend in with nature, anyway. She wears beaten sturdy leather boots or goes barefoot like her sister. Most of the time she keeps a hunting knife belted on, when she can get away with it.

Weapon of choice: A supple, small wooden bow that was a gift from her father. She likes to practice, though shies from shooting at any living creature--but she knows they must eat. Aside from that she uses a hunting knife, though it's hardly a decent weapon. She longs to obtain a sword.

Relations: Her sister, Ele, whom she is very alike to and adores. She loves her father very much as well, she admires him. And she barely remembers her mother Taluhi, who left when she and her sister were five. And finally the beautiful red merle, herding type dog, Talu, who lives with their family, is one of her much-loved companions. She was named after their mother.

History: If you said Isella was born outdoors, it wouldn't be a surprise. She spends the majority of her time out of the house, beyond human society and into the secret life of the forest. On the outskirts of Carvahall, it is easy to find solitude in the woods. She grew up working with her father and sister on the farm. Due to her freak anti-socialism she did less of the trading and selling, but tried to make it up to her family by doing as much as possible in the fields and in the barn. Though her reading and writing skills are limited, she is a beautiful artist and whenever she has the time is sketching and drawing--mostly creatures of the outdoors.

Other: She has longer hair than portrayed in the picture.
Isella and Ele (Isa is the dark-haired one.)

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