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Eowyn ; Witch Large
name;; eowyn atma zynthos
nickname;; eowh ("eh-oh"), wyn (wynnie sometimes)
gender;; female.
age;; nearly eleven.
house;; to be ravenclaw.
year;; about to enter first year.
title;; --

stature;; petite, quite skinny.
hair;; long, fairly wavy, reaches past hips. a pretty pale blonde hue. often has hair in a braid.
skin;; pale.
eyes;; pale blue.
height;; three feet, nine inches.
weight;; sixty-seven pounds.
robes;; ravenclaw robes, cream shirt, blue and silver headband sometimes, ravenclaw house sweater and scarf when it's cold, sometimes wears a blue or blue/bronze bowtie when she's not wearing the ravenclaw blue/bronze tie, dark grey skirt and long black socks & buckled shoes when required (otherwise she's barefoot). often has flowers or vines or other tidbits in her hair when it's plaited.
muggle garb;; wears flowy dresses a lot, favours light or pale cool colours. barefoot often. often has flowers or vines or other tidbits in her hair when it's plaited.

blood status;; pure blood.
kin;;  lenki zynthos (mother; average height, light blonde hair with light green eyes), motet zynthos (father; tall, with light brownish reddish hair and blue eyes), killua zynthos (older brother [third year ravenclaw]; kind of tall and lithe, natural platinum blonde hair with pale blue eyes like eowyn's).
orientation;; idk she's eleven (probs straight but idc).
eyes on;; --
children;; --
pets;; ukulah (pronounced oo-koo-luh), a dark masked (barn) owl. Eowyn ; Witch Species-Tyto-castanops-1

wand;; eleven and one third inches long, larch wood, only slightly pliable, phoenix tail feather core.
patronus;; wip.
boggart;; her brother's severely injured or dead body.
quidditch;; might be on the team later, if so probably either a chaser or seeker
best class;; for now: transfiguration and potions ; later: care of magical creatures and ancient runes are added to the list. She doesn't REALLY dislike any of her classes, but her favourites are potions, care of magical creatures, and ancient runes.
worst class;; history of magic.
abilities;; future animagus.
personality;; loves to learn things(nature, creature, and book lover), understanding, protective and loving, quite clever and witty, quirky, sometimes shy and quiet but can be cutting and short-tempered at times.

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