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Euila; Grizzly Bear Empty Euila; Grizzly Bear

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Cub Picture: --> Euila; Grizzly Bear
Adult Picture: --> Euila; Grizzly Bear Grizzly-bear_566_600x450

Name: Euila

Gender: Female

Age: equivalent of a 10 year old child (cub picture)

Species: Grizzly Brown Bear

Rank: loner

Description: Euila is a darkish-brown bear with quite thick fur. She had slight white fur around her neck as a cub, forming a faint collar, but as she aged that mostly went away. Her eyes are a beautiful soft leaf-green with some light hazel streaks.

Strengths: Euila is quite intelligent and able to react quickly and calmly in most situations, especially when accounting her age. Euila is a smallish bear, but she excels at climbing trees and jumping over streams and leaping from rock to rock on a mountainside. She's a fairly fast runner too, but definitely not the fastest. Climbing and jumping are her fortes.

Weaknesses: She'll do anything for her sister, so she can sometimes be reckless. She doesn't make many close friends easily, and she likes being on her own. Even she can get upset at her sister, as siblings do. Euila is a very sensitive bear, though she dislikes that fact. Even small things that someone says or does can get under her skin and upset her greatly.

Personality: Euila is an intelligent yet shy bear, but she's always with her sister. The two are practically inseparable, and she protects and loves her sister dearly. Nakana is a feisty little bear, but when strangers are around she'll hide behind her big sister because she knows Euila will never leave her. When around close friends or family, Euila loves to have fun. She'll pelt you with snowballs, push you down hills, and splash dirty, muddy water all over your newly-cleaned coat. And then she'll laugh all the more when you do it to her.

Kin: Mother: Her name is Juika, and she's the equivalent of a 37 year old. She's a very kind and gentle brown bear--she's a lighter goldish colour with large, kind amber eyes.
Father: neither girls really remember much about their father, as he left shortly after Nakana was born. His name was Tokeo, and he was a brown bear about the same colour as Nakana, but he had darker brown fur on his legs, ears, underbelly, and muzzle. His eyes were a greenish-hazel.
Younger sister: Nakana is an adorable little cub, a light brown colour covering her body (so lighter than Euila, but not as light as their golden-ish mother). Nakana has beautiful large light green/hazel-y eyes and a prominent white collar of fur around her neck. She is the equivalent of a 7 year old.

History: Eiula had an easy childhood, nothing much out of the ordinary. When her sister was born, she remembered being upset that she wasn't an only child, and she was worried that her mother wouldn't have time for her anymore. However, in no time, the two sisters became thick as thieves and the family survived easily together, as they have been for most of Euila's life.

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