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name;; nofalo forradas kizuto.
nickname;; nofo, falo, fal.
gender;; male.
age;; fifteen.
birthday;; june 14, someyear.
house;; slytherin.
year;; fifth.
title;; --

stature;; quite slim but will be fairly muscular in a lithe way, sort of long-limbed.
hair;; sort of messy brown hair with sandy-coloured streaks/highlights in it, with bangs (front).
skin;; a sort of tanned pale tone. nofalo often has scratches and bruises on his person. he also has a large scar on his right shoulder from where he was bitten by the werewolf, but he does everything he can to keep the mark hidden.
eyes;; dark but bright blue-rimmed deep green eyes. he sometimes wears his black thick-rimmed glasses (he doesn't need them to see, but they sharpen his vision by a decent margin).
height;; around 5 feet 6 inches tall.
weight;; around one hundred pounds.
robes;; usual black robes with slytherin crest, white shirt and green/silver tie, black pants, black socks, black shoes. wears the slytherin grey sweater with green/silver stripes along the neckline in winter as well as black gloves and slytherin scarf.
muggle garb;; tends to wear natural-coloured or dark-coloured collared long-sleeved shirts and long dark pants. sometimes tucks shirt in. sometimes wears t-shirts but when he does they are usually a good bit too large for him. dark brown or black shoes.

blood status;; pureblood.
kin;; resa kizuto (mother ~ average-short height, medium brown hair, deep blue eyes), xirtan kizuto (father ~ really tall, very dark brown hair, sharp hazel-golden eyes). nofalo is an only child.
orientation;; bi-romantic & heterosexual, favours females.
marital status;; single.
eyes on;; none.
partner;; none.
children;; none.
pets;; had an australian cattle dog (name was tenane) before it was killed by the werewolf. nofalo did not bring a pet to hogwarts with him.

wand;; thirteen and three-fourths inches long, hawthorn wood, soft but strong, dragon heartstring core.
patronus;; maned wolf.
boggart;; either the mangled body of his mother or his friend (eevana), knowing he'd done it (as a werewolf) ; or seeing a werewolf, knowing it as himself, with black, feral eyes (basically he fears becoming the wolf, like fenrir did. he doesn't want to forget his humanity like some wizards with lycanthropy might choose to do.)
quidditch;; not interested in being in quidditch.
best class;; for now: defense against the dark arts, potions ; later: ancient runes and maybe alchemy are added.
worst class;; astronomy, and he sort of sucks at apparition as well.
abilities;; werewolf.
personality;; while he used to be a gleeful, even boisterous young boy with quite the mischievous streak, nofalo became an introvert after his werewolf attack. he keeps to himself as much as he can. he's shy, quiet, and rarely laughs nor even smiles much. spends his time reading or sitting quietly alone, thinking. he is clever, but not too boastful about that. he does hold somewhat of a stigma against muggles and muggleborns, planted in him by his father. nofalo can be a bit snappy at times, especially when people question him overmuch about anything that gets near his lycanthropy (e.g. his whereabouts some nights, the injuries he sustains, his illnesses [that come from the use of wolfsbane potions], even bothering him too much about his home or personal life). as a child, he can be a bit judgmental and rude, that aspect only enforced by his disease--he knows he would be shunned by anyone who knew what he was (as he is by those who already do) and so he feels it better to push people away himself and perhaps inflict some small amount of misery on them for turning their backs on him and people like him. in general, he is unfriendly towards other people, especially kids his age or a little younger, but he is also usually rude to older children and young adults, even older adults, as well. he is bitter, but he is young.
[this is mostly about him as he is older, not as much as when he's young...] if any good came of his experience with lycanthropy as he matures, it is that he understands how much hardship a person can go through and how it can change them--he does not judge others on their looks and does what he can to help those in need, as he understands what it is to need others to accept and help you. as he ages he grows out of his rudeness--honestly, he just gets too exhausted with everything to be an enemy anymore, and realises the unnecessary harm it does (he's had far too much misfortune in his life already, and doesn't want to be the cause of more if he can). and so he tries to be a better person, so he can at least have some smiles from others directed his way. he lives a lonely life, but accepts it for what it is. he suffers greatly, but knows it must be done to protect the few people he cares about. as he ages, he develops his own ideas and strives to accept every creature, magical or muggle in nature.

notes;; before his attack, nofalo was a very joyful, fun-loving, kid. he got into all kinds of trouble on a daily, if not hourly, basis. his mother would often say with a laugh that he was hard to keep up with. he used to be fairly close with his mother but since his attack he has at least in part closed off even from her. his father never really had too much to do with nofalo--they are on speaking terms but not too much beyond semi-formal pleasantries. after getting bitten by the werewolf, nofalo closed in on himself and became a very quiet, solitary boy. nofalo is left-handed. sidenote: since nofalo is only a boy, he'd been advised to try not to take the wolfsbane potion when he can help it. there are not as many studies on the affects of the potion on children, but it is generally accepted that children suffer harsher sideaffects from them than adult lycanthropes. also, from the affects that he does suffer after taking it, his mother worries horribly because of them and also about the dangerous ingredients combined with the rate of consumption he has to meet for the wolfsbane potions to work properly. the transformations are particularly hard on his mother, as his screams and howls can be heard easily from the basement during his painful transformations, and she has a frail heart.

history;; a little over a year ago, one night nofalo was playing with his dog tenane in the woods by their home when  the two were attacked by a werewolf. the lycanthrope was able to bite nofalo's shoulder before tenane attacked the beast, so the young boy could climb to safety in a tree. the werewolf killed the family dog, and nofalo was found three hours later by his father. nofalo occasionally tries to take wolfsbane potions for his ailment so he can control himself better, but if he does it usually leaves him with awful sideaffects for a day or so, such as intense migranes, severe fatigue, sometimes vomiting, and a few times he's suffered seizures as well. if he doesn't take wolfsbane, he is chained up in the family basement, the door padlocked and charmed tightly (if he does take potions, he's still shut in and the door charmed, but he isn't chained to the wall/ground). the headmaster (prof. evercreech) is aware of his predicament and helps him to stay safely in the shrieking shack on full moons, whether he took wolfsbane potions or not, to minimise the danger to himself as well as others while at hogwarts.

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