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Mistlight ;; Domestic Cat Tumblr_mf79rjmBjY1r1iv4bo1_500_large

Name: Mistkit -- Mistpaw -- Mistlight.

Gender: She-cat.

Age: Newborn.

Species: Feral domestic cat, Felis Silvestris Catus.

Clan/Group: ShadowClan.

Rank: Kit.

Description: Small build runs in her family, and it was no surprise that she was under average too. She's the smallest of her siblings, and the youngest--but that doesn't seem to stop her. Mistkit's lean sleek shape comes from her father, who has a neater, more refined look. Her thick pelt and long fluffy tail is courtesy of her mother, who has an equally if not more so dense coat. Mistkit has small neat paws, designating that she won't get much bigger, and she has tall ears and slim legs. Some of her skinniness is harder to see due to her long fur. Her muzzle is narrow, and she has average-sized eyes for her build. Her pelt itself is a whole collection of light grey tones, mixed in with white. For basics, it's probably easiest to call it a ticked tabby. She has a grey tabby markings on her forehead and legs, that shade gently into her pale misty pelt. Her paws, muzzle and parts of her underbelly are white. She has white rings around her eyes. Speaking of which, her eyes are a ocean-like teal color. Not blue, not green, but a mix in-between.

Kin: Starlingcry (maternal grandmother)
Stormroar (maternal grandfather)
Swallowsky (maternal aunt)
Ashstrike (maternal uncle)
Dawnspeckle (paternal grandmother)
Tigerstorm (paternal grandfather)
Snowberry (paternal aunt)
Thorntail (paternal uncle)
Dustpaw (cousin)
Ripplepaw (cousin)

Greypoppy (mother) - The common question with her is why, when she has such a firm dislike of being cooped up, along with a slight irritation for kits, is she in the nursery about to bear Cedarclaw's? She's a rather severe she-cat, who most commonly skulks about with narrowed eyes and a silent walk. Right smart, though, and a fantastic fighter. Very very thoughtful, and tends to keep her jaws shut unless she's pissed off--which does happens easily. She's certainly not the graceful beautiful she-cat, but more a solemn frowning creature. Love for her family is present, but a bit hard to draw into the light. Not the prettiest either, with her torn ear and slightly angled hind legs.
Cedarclaw (father) - A good deal different than his mate, the almost-feminine looking tom Cedarclaw is reserved and polite. He's slim and small-pawed, but very light on his feet--nearly the fastest in the Clan, per say. He's swift and cunning, but shy as well, and won't do anything socially interactive unless he must. He's rarely angry, and has a sort of calming aura about him as well. It's often wondered why Greypoppy took him as a mate. They don't show much affection publicly, but if one looks hard there's always a light of devotion when they meet each other's eyes.
Pebblefall (brother) - In this case the oldest is in fact the most mature. Pebblefall's got a stern-eyed disposition, being rather closed-off and quiet like his father, but his face portrays grumpiness akin to his mother. His long limbs and slim form give him a handsome appearance, but like the rest of his family he still grows smaller than most other toms. He's thoughtful and sometimes harsh. As a kit he had a stronger mean streak and took to bullying others, namely his sister. (His mother smacked him out of this habit eventually.) He became more melancholy as he grew.
Rowanblaze (brother) - Wily and sarcastic, and always with something on his mind. He's the least shy of his family, but still holds it to a certain degree. Rowanblaze is inquisitive like his sister, but more outward in his curiosity and of course highly disobedient. He was the troublemaker. Has a surprisingly short temper. He can be a little lazy, but also highly loyal. Others tend to see Rowan as the key to his family--he's the one that'll talk without frowning, faking invisibility, shuffling away, or staring blankly.

Love Interest: None.

Offspring: None.

Traits: Shy, intelligent, often scowling, mysterious, brooding, doesn't anger easily, introverted, calm, doesn't scare easily.

Personality: Shyness. The prominent one, the one she's known for, the one that guides her paws for the most part. It runs in her family, so it wasn't much of a surprise, but Mistlight got it pretty bad. It doesn't so much show in fear, however but more in frowning invisibility. She's often scowling, like her mother, but rarely makes eye contact and doesn't show a drop of nervousness. In fact, she despises showing weakness. She understands that it is not all bad, however, but with already being a tiny little quiet she-cat, she finds herself not wanting to show fright or anything. She absolutely hates when others try to help her, and takes it as a personal insult.
Mistlight's other defining trait is her high level of intelligence. She's curious and simply loves to learn new things, but often times doesn't show it. She's pretty emotionless overall, somewhat similar to her father, but even more so. Her shyness also stops her from asking questions, or exploring on her own, for fear of what others might think. She's a little mysterious too, which comes with the quiet lack of emotion. Mistlight is very thoughtful and observant, as one who tends to be alone often watches the world go by with a sharp gaze. She spends time on her brooding like her mother does, and merely letting her eyes flick over her surroundings, studying or judging or mourning. Unlike her mother, however, she doesn't anger easily. When she does get enraged, though, it's always over something serious. She doesn't weep over petty matters.
She is quick and agile; at times her small size is an advantage. Her favorite skill is learning to fight, but she does find hunting exciting at times as well, for often she learns things in the tracking and pouncing that aides her in battle. She's very calm, and does not spook--almost never at all.

History: "Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten..."

(couldn't resist, sorry.)

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