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Hollownight ; Domestic Cat 25

Name: Hollowkit -- Hollowpaw -- Hollownight.

Gender: Tom.

Age: Newborn.

Species: Feral domestic cat, Felis Silvestris Catus.

Clan/Group: ShadowClan.

Rank: Kit.

Description: Hollow is a jet black kitty, his fur as smooth and seemless in the shadows as the night. The only breaks in his dark coat is the small, sudden white dash on his chest, as well as his white toes. His paws, maybe only slightly smaller than other toms, are not entirely white; just his toes are the contrasting colour. His coat, as mentioned, is surprisingly smooth and soft for a tom. His structure is not exactly small, but very lean, thin but muscular. He is average height for a cat, maybe a bit taller/bigger than some, but still doesn't look as threatening as cats smaller than him with larger muscles. Do not be fooled by appearances alone, however. His perhaps only slightly larger-than-average eyes are a bright, intelligent peridot colour, always seeming to either scowl with annoyance or glint with some sort of secondary purpose or dangerous scheme.

Kin: Petalstep (maternal grandmother)
Thicketweave (maternal grandfather)
Crowstrike (maternal uncle)
Flowerleap (maternal aunt)
Nightdapple (maternal aunt)
Thrushwing (paternal grandmother)
Badgerclaw (paternal grandfather)
Talonheart (paternal uncle)
Skypaw -will be Skydust- (cousin)
Wildpaw -will be Wildchaser- (cousin)
Lakepaw -will be Lakering- (cousin)

~Willowreach (mother) - A reserved, regal-standing cat, Hollow's mother has never been exactly gentle with her kits. She is not harsh, but she does give them a bit of tough love. Love them, she does and always will, but she is not the best mother in the forest. She is a beautiful she-cat, and fairly intelligent as well. She expects good things from her kits, but does encourage them to find their own path.
~Hawkgaze (father) - Their father is a bit less understanding. Being one of the best warriors the Clan has seen, Hawkgaze is a merciless fighter, as agile as a hawk and at least as deadly. He cares deeply and expects great things from his offspring, but does not believe love ties in to that equation very much. He is the definition of a tough-love parent, guiding his children with an iron-paw to teach them how they should behave and how to uphold great ambitions through their lives in ShadowClan.
~Mutedshade (older sister) - A subtly beautiful she-cat, Mutedshade becomes a good warrior. She is one of the best hunters of the Clan, quite fast on her paws but also not lacking in the strength department. She is fairly smart, but also quite elegant, sarcastic, and vixen-like. She cares for her family, although she does not show it all the time.
~Darkflower (younger sister) - The most happy, life-loving, gentle of her family, Darkflower is beloved by nearly everyone who meets her, but by no one more than her brother, Hollownight, although he doesn't like to mention that. She is a small cat, a beautiful tortoiseshell sort of cat but odd in that she is almost entirely black save for a tortoiseshell brown marking on the left side of her face. She is quite fast on her paws as well, not to mention intelligent. She was named partly after her late aunt, Flowerleap, who Willowreach (and the rest of the Clan) was reminded of in her daughter's bright personality and was gladdened when her daughter was given the name. Darkflower believes the most important thing in this life is to live it, and live it with love.

Love Interest: None.

Offspring: None.

Personality: He is oftentimes annoyed by other cats, but doesn't show it all the time. Hollow is a surprisingly intelligent cat, but a very dark cat. Not only his coat, but also his motives are often more convoluted than most. Although as a kit he is not as ambitious, he is still as snarky and biting in his humour as he often is as a warrior; as a kit he still has his dreams, albeit not quite as intense. As he ages, he cements them in his mind as goals to meet. He strives to be a leader, and the most feared one at that. He feels he could lead his Clan, and all the Clans of the forest, to a new age where they would never be bothered by rogues, where disease would dare not infect them because even StarClan themselves would fear the cats of the forest. In fact, if he is not shown that there are better things to live for, he may end up being worse than Tigerstar, than Scourge, from the folklore of the Clans passed down through generations. Of course, they are just stories, but Hollow has no intent on being just a story. One of the few cats who plays a part in showing him the light in life is his little sister Darkflower. Her joy at the world is infectious, even to one as skeptical as her older brother. Their other sister, Mutedshade, is a bit more like Hollownight, but she isn't to the degree that he is with his consumption by darkness. Darkflower is the smallest, weakest of the siblings, but she may just be one of the only cats to save her siblings from the dark.

History: "I'm looking past the shadows
of my mind into the truth and
I'm trying to identify
the voices in my head...
god, which one's you?
Let me feel one more time
what it feels like to feel
and break these calluses off of me
One more time..."

(heheh sorry couldn't resist either n.n')

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