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Sapata - Beastsoul

Post  Zoketi on Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:44 pm

Name: Sapata (suh-pah-tuh)
Nicknames: Pata
Name Meaning: "dancing bear"
Gender: Female
Starting Age: 10 years, 1 month
Current Age: 10 years, 1 month

Species: early Homo sapien
Height: petite as a child, still small as an adolescent, reaches more average height around maturity
Weight: malnourished as youth, becomes rather thick and muscled as ages
Description: tannish skin. dark brown hair, slightly wavy. flat broad nose. straight eyes, red-orange in color.
Clothing: Summer - Light cloth 'skort' of sorts, rarely wears anything on top as youth. Adorns loose wrapping as adult, keeps shoulders bare. A strand tightens this upper piece, as well as holds future weapons.
Winter - Cloth leggings added below skort. Thicker fur cloak around upper body.
Accessories: currently - short flinthead spear, eventually - bow and arrow

Group: Zarzian
Status: Youth - fugitive
Tamed Beasts:

  • Pamuya - "water moon" - dark brown female dire wolf

Likes: Bears, most large predators, scaring her siblings, running around, exploring, fighting, winning.
Dislikes: Being cooped up, losing, bugs, sitting still, lectures, boredom, shoes.
Fears: Losing family and friends.
Traits: Wild, sporadic, clever, aggressive, reckless, selfish, energetic, tough.
Facts: Will bite enemies/things that annoy her. Has a habit of putting things in her mouth still - as a way of 'investigating'. Likes to scream for attention. Will also screech at enemies. She is excellent at using her surroundings to her advantage.
Bio: For nearly her whole first year of life, Sapata was a quiet child. Quickly after reaching a year of age, though, she became loud and violent. Her parents would refer to her as "their cub" or "bear cub" because of her behavior. As she aged she calmed, but still portrays wild tendencies. She's very inclined to fighting, and also rarely thinks before she acts. She's careless and headstrong. Age brought some experience. She's very wily, which helps her from underestimating. Can be pretty emotional, but less so as she reaches adolescence. Anger, though, tends to be the hardest for her to conceal.

Mother: Anamosa ("white fawn")
Father: Nodin ("wind") - deceased
Brothers: Etu ("sun")
Sisters: Elu ("beautiful")
Info: Etu and Elu are a set of identical twins. They are five years younger than Sapata. At this point they are very hard to tell apart - family being the few who can.

Turn-Ons: hot
Turn-Offs: not hot
Interest: None
Partner: None
Offspring: None

- Five years old; her twin siblings are born. She is jealous and constantly fusses. Eventually she comes to like them, and is now fiercely protective of them.
- At the age of six, Sapata decided she wanted to go live with cave bears. She idolized them, and so one day ran off. Her parents and the two other tribemen found her right as the cave bear did, and though the bear did not attack, the humans did. Sapata's father was killed, but they felled the bear. To this day she carries this guilt with her. She loves bears nonetheless, though.


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