Lofalie ; Grey Wolf

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Lofalie ; Grey Wolf

Post  Zoketi on Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:49 pm

Name: Lofalie

Gender: she-wolf

Age: six years

Species: grey wolf

Rank: alpha female

Pack: Mountain pack

Description: Lofalie is a beautiful black she-wolf with silky-looking fur, sometimes streaked with silvery. Her legs are long and supple, and she is lean and lithe. Her muzzle is narrow and tinged with brown and silver. She has a white splash on her chest. Her sparkling eyes are pale yellow gold.

Strengths: She is strong and smart, and especially good at endurance.

Weaknesses: Lofalie isn't comfortable in deep water. She also may seem a bit soft, although usually she's just being fair. She is tough when she needs to be, but only then.

Personality: Lofalie is a noble and caring alpha. She always watches out for her pack, never faltering in her protection. She is honest and knows what her wolves need. She never looks down on her packmates, judging them as equals and always ready to hear both sides of arguments. She is respected by all, fair and wise. Lofalie does have a sense of humor and loves to laugh.

Kin: Taika (mother--deceased) , Numiln (father--deceased)

Love Interest: Horak

Offspring: Dlase, Ruelle, Bhangi, Otsanda

History: Lofalie was born as an only-pup. Her parents were killed in battle while she was only an youngster. She was a strong young wolf, making Brassa feel she was the perfect alpha. The white wolf made a wise pick.


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