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Older Howi with her Younger self
Howi , BeastSoul of Kebaran 504762241_362227be42

Name:  Howi
Nicknames: Howler ; her brother Kono calls her many other names, like "monkey" and "weasel" and such
Gender: female
Starting Age: ~9.5 years
Current Age: ~9.5 years

Species: early homo sapiens (Mesolithic Period)
Height: a bit short when she was little, but is of medium-slightly tall height for females of her age
Weight: thin, kind of lithe and lanky ; she looks half-starved at times, and at times she is ; she's not the strongest, but she's quick
Description: small, slightly thick eyebrows ; full lips ; small, gracefully sloping nose with slightly wide nostrils ; she has large, round/oval/almond-shaped eyes that are a complex dark hazel-brown.
Clothing: Lower Body: Howi wears a woven cloth-and-leather piece around her hips which doubles as a belt to keep sheaths for knives that she may have later on, and as a lower body covering in warmer seasons ; underneath the cloth-and-leather hip-piece she sometimes wears a large, thin, pale cloth, that she has tied between her legs to resemble extremely loose, skirt-like pants that go down about her knees ; often no shoes, but sometimes wears simple shoes woven out of reeds or leather
Upper Body: in warmer seasons she often either wears nothing as a youth, or simply turns her pant-like cloth into a dress, while in colder seasons she can use it as a cover during the night, and eventually crafts herself a fur-lined version the same garment to keep her warmer ; Howi has cloth-and-leather covering for her torso, although oftentimes she doesn't wear it until she is older--it is a simple threaded piece that goes around her ribs just below her armpits, sloping in the front to cover her breasts
Accessories: a wide leather bracelet that covers a decent part of her forearm, over which she has various bracelets made of shells and bone and feathers that she has made or has been gifted
Weapons: currently - flint spear that she keeps strapped to her back with a chord of twisted leather ;
eventually - flint knife , bow and arrows

Tribe: Kebaran Tribe
Status: youth ; fugitive
Tamed Beasts:

  • Ama the Cheetah (first companion ; adult appearance in pictures above )

Likes: climbing ; running ; one-upping someone, especially if due to her logistical thinking ; fighting ; thinking
Dislikes: liars
Fears: losing Kono (and her mother and father) ; losing Ama
Traits: mentally strong ; fierce ; passionate ; tactical ; impassive at times ; reckless at times (reckless/stubbornness contradicts her tactical nature, and often, what wins out is whatever she is led to do by her emotions or lack thereof)
Bio: Although she is more quiet when you first meet her, once you get her talking you will learn that she is not afraid to voice her truths, however plain they may be ; even if she does not speak her eyes tend to show her emotions with a ferocity (be it anger, worry, love, or any other passion) ; she is fairly good at controlling those emotions, but get her too mad or upset and she may not be able to stop them from consuming her, for better or worse

Mother: Eyota -- Howi gets along with her mother well enough, although some of the chores she had to do everyday were annoying ; she admires her mother, and inherited her 'silent sufferer' trait
Father: Tse -- Howi and her father also have a good bond, especially because he was the one that taught her to fight after Lokni nearly took her ear off for the sixth time trying to 'teach' her how to throw knives at the age of two
Siblings: Kono (elder brother) -- Kono is about a year and a half to two years older than Howi ; the two are extrememly close, and he would protect his little sister with his life
Lokni (elder brother) -- neither Howi nor Kono get along quite as well with Lokni, who is at least two years older than Kono, so about four years older than Howi ; he is an aggressive young man, but is extremely loyal to his tribe
Other Kin: N/A

Orientation: gay af???? probably yes.
Turn-Ons: N/A
Turn-Offs: N/A
Interest: N/A
Partner: none
Offspring: none

- Two/Three Years Old: Howi begged her elder brother, Lokni, to teach her to fight after their father told her that she 'must learn from her brother if she were to learn at all'. After many close calls with several body parts, Tse thought better of this and put a stop to these lessons, taking it upon himself to teach Howi if she was so determined to fight alongside her brothers.
-Four Years Old: Howi's mother woke to find her youngest child missing, and went out in search. Howi was found a bit outside their camp, sleeping soundly with several dying wolf pups, who were starving after their mother had been separated from them. Eyota took her daughter back, only feeding the pups when Howi began screeching and trying to reach for the malnourished creatures. Eyota did not tell anyone about the strange situation, except for her husband when they returned, and then her young daughter (who hadn't remembered the scene due to her age) four years later. They joke about it now, and Howi sometimes wonders if it was a dream instead of reality.
-Six Years Old: Howi got in a fight with some of the other boys in the tribe, and although she later refused to say what happened, she did admit to spitting in their faces. Unfortunately, that only made them angry, but just in the nick of time her brother Kono came to her rescue. They never told anyone else about the incident, and most of the other children were much nicer to Howi and Kono after that event (NOTE: although Kono is not nearly as strong as their elder brother Lokni, the other boys were closer to How's age. Of course, Howi demanded that she could've dealt with it on her own, but nevertheless she smiled and giggled when her big brother ruffled her hair and hoisted her up onto his shoulders as they returned home).

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