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{{ Pack of the Mountains }}

Alpha Male
Horak - a dark brownish gray wolf with whiter underparts and bright amber brown eyes. He is thick and well-built, with a ever-calm expression.
7 Years 2 Months ;; Lofalie ;; Dlase, Ruelle, Otsanda, Bhangi

Alpha Female
Lofalie - a sleek black she-wolf with a white splash on her chest and blue eyes. She is slim and tall, and tends to look unapproachable.
6 Years 11 Months ;; Horak ;; Dlase, Ruelle, Otsanda, Bhangi

Beta Male
Ghengra - a white wolf with grey-brown splashes on his back and head and amber eyes. He is stocky and large, with large ears and a bushy tail.
8 Years 4 Months ;; Sonalee ;; Ellavi, Kinstrata, Loria, Chez, Iifo

Beta Female
Sonalee - a dark silver-grey she-wolf with icy guard hairs and deep golden eyes. She is smaller and lithe, with a glimmer in her gaze.
7 Years 9 Months ;; Ghengra ;; Ellavi, Kinstrata, Lorai, Chez, Iifo

Wyna - a white-brown she-wolf tinged with grey, and dark green eyes. She is pretty and well-built, and wears a peaceful expression.
5 Years 3 Months ;; --- ;; ----

Shaman Youngwolf

Adult Members
Raneela - a whitish gray she-wolf tinged with brown, with pale yellow eyes. Tall and strong, she keeps a proud expression on her face.
8 Years 1 Months ;; Umendal ;; Kenyah

Niter - a dark gold and brown wolf with deep brown eyes. He is thin and quick, and one of the fastest runners in the pack.
7 Years 4 Month ;; --- ;; ---

Miclin - a light gray brown male with lighter underparts and light brown eyes. He is built well and compact, with strong muscles and a bushy tail.
5 Years 2 Months ;; Forela ;; Husar

Forela - a pretty ginger-red and cream she-wolf with light sea-blue eyes. She is slim and graceful, with long legs and large ears.
4 Years 9 Months ;; Miclin ;; Husar

Daro - a dark gray brown male with darker points and brilliant yellow eyes. He is lithe with tufty fur and a long tail, and a narrow muzzle.
3 Years 8 Months ;; Jayzo ;; Arclo, Torqu

Jayzo - a small light gray she-wolf with gingery legs and face and pale aqua eyes.
3 Years 3 Months ;; Daro ;; Arclo, Torqu

Motyl - a pure white she-wolf with robin's egg blue eyes. She is thick-furred and slim, with a scowl usually on her muzzle.
1 Year 6 Months ;; ---

Chez - a sleek black male wolf with gray-blue eyes. He is stocky and thickly-built, with scruffy fur and pointed, large ears.
9 Months ;; Motyl (crush)

Iifo - a dark grey-brown she-wolf with lighter legs and dark amber eyes. She is small and thin, with rounded features and bright eyes.
9 Months ;; ---

Ruelle - a dark gray brown male with lighter underparts and dark blue eyes. He is skinny but large and ever-active.
5 Months ;; Lofalie x Horak

Otsanda - a very light brown female tints of darker grey and brown and amber eyes. She is tall and lanky, but with powerful muscles and a healthy build.
5 Months ;; Lofalie x Horak

Bhangi is a light gray brown male with darker silver coating his back, and has  pale blue eyes. He is smaller than his siblings but with long legs and long fur.
5 Months ;; Lofalie x Horak

Kulto - a dark grey wolf with fading jet black paws, muzzle, and underbelly, with a right bright blue eye and a left emerald green eye. His coat is medium length and surprisingly silky.
2 Months ;; Grafo x Eilia

Arclo - a sharp-colored red and grey wolf with silvery guard hairs lining his back and neck and red legs, and with light yellow eyes. His fur is smooth and his build strong.
1 Month ;; Daro x Jayzo

Torqu - a tiny silver-grey she-wolf with darker patches and blue-grey legs, and with deep teal-hued eyes. She is slim and petite, with long smooth fur and large ears.
1 Month ;; Daro x Jayzo

Brassa - a beautiful sleek white she-wolf, tinged with cream and with icy blue eyes. Her fur is glossy and long, and her eyes bright and lovely.
12 Years 7 Months ;; Pashook ;; Horak, Jayzo

Pashook -a ginger brown male with darker grayish back and warm brown eyes. He is a bit scruffy and rather undersized, but has strong muscles.
13 Years 1 Month ;; Brassa ;; Horak, Jayzo

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