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Post  Zoketi on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:38 pm

This will be the list of MountainClan allegiances.

LEADER: Smokestar - slim, silver and white tabby tom with short fur and icy blue eyes. [Zoketi]

DEPUTY: Hollystripe - slim torbie and white she-cat with yellow-green eyes.

MEDICINE CAT: Morningsplash - pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with hazel eyes. [WalkingWithBarefeet]


Ripplesplash - silver and black mackerel tabby tom with amber eyes.

Fadedleaf - small calico she-cat with soft fur and light hazel eyes.

Maplebranch - dark spotted brown and white she-cat with pale yellow eyes and a torn ear.

Falconclaw - thin sandy golden tom with blazing green eyes.

Oakblaze - brown tabby cream tom, white chest and paws, blue eyes.

.jpg]Ashbreeze - slim white and dark gray patched she-cat with light greenish hazel eyes. [Zoketi]

Cloudspots - white and black spotted tom with long legs and tail and yellow eyes.

Aspenclaw - compact black tom with bright amber eyes.

Thistlepelt - skinny brown tabby tom with pale green eyes.

Dustyfern - creamy brown she-cat with green eyes.

Rowanpaw (whisker) - sturdy light ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Snowpaw (dapple) - sleek silver and black bengal she-cat with wide gold eyes.

Eaglepaw (talon) - large silver and black bengal tom with dark amber eyes.

Whitepaw (petal) - soft white she-cat with light brown ears and tail and light blue eyes. [WalkingWithBarefeet]

Mosstail - calico she-cat with bright spots and gray-blue eyes.

Frostlichen - long-haired pale mottled tortoiseshell she-cat with blue-green eyes. [Zoketi]

Blizzardpelt - slim light silver and black bengal she-cat with bright amber eyes.

Moonkit (dream) - stocky dark gray and black tabby she-cat with dark violet eyes. [VelvetMemory]

Stonekit (cliff)  - dark gray tabby tom with light reddish eyes. [WalkingWithBarefeet]

Coalkit (feather)  - dark black tom with light yellow eyes.

Swallowkit (bloom) - pretty black she-cat with startling yellow-green eyes.

Nettlekit (blaze) - white tom with mottled light brown speckles and amber eyes.

Cedarkit (heart)  - brown and grey tabby tom with blue eyes.

Sprucekit (light) - tiny, pale silver and white flecked she-cat with bright teal eyes. [Zoketi]

Honeyfur - slim creamy white she-cat with golden markings on her head and tail and hazel eyes.

Crookedfoot - black brown tabby tom with lighter underparts and yellow eyes.

Featherstream - white and black tuxedo tom with friendly blue eyes.

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