Nakana ; Grizzly Bear

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Nakana ; Grizzly Bear Empty Nakana ; Grizzly Bear

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Nakana ; Grizzly Bear 10_JUL2260

Name: Nakana

Gender: female

Age: young adolescent (about fourteen human years)

Species: grizzly bear





Kin: Mother: Juika, and she's the equivalent of a 37 year old; a lighter goldish colour with large, kind amber eyes.
Father: Tokeo, a brown bear about the same colour as Nakana, but he had darker brown fur on his legs, ears, underbelly, and muzzle. His eyes were a greenish-hazel.
Sister:Euila is a darkish-brown bear. She had slight white fur around her neck as a cub, forming a faint collar, but as she aged that mostly went away. Her eyes are soft leaf-green with some light hazel streaks. Nakana is one of the few bears that can bring out Euila's true fun-loving personality, as the two sisters are thick as thieves.

Love Interest: none.

Offspring: none.


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