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Ashbreeze ; Domestic Cat Empty Ashbreeze ; Domestic Cat

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Ashbreeze ; Domestic Cat Tumblr_mc3xfmOHKm1rptlauo1_500

Name: Ashkit - Ashpaw - Ashbreeze

Gender: she-cat

Age: thirty-seven moons

Species: domestic cat

Rank: warrior

Description: a medium-length furred white she-cat with dark grey patches. her eyes are hazel green.

Strengths: cunning, spirited, confident, instinctive, selfless, agile, swift.

Weaknesses: sharp-tongued, sarcastic, talkative, ruthless, narrow-minded, physical strength.

Personality: She is much more outgoing than her brother, and very feisty too. Ashbreeze likes to talk and does so often. She is cunning and smart, prepared for anything that comes her way. She is usually quite helpful though, and surprisingly kind at times. Her wily nature makes her a valued warrior, she trusts her instinct over anything else.

Kin: featherheart - mother; deceased
reedclaw - father; deceased
smokestar - brother; living

Love Interest: none

Offspring: none

History: Ashbreeze was born to Featherheart and her mate Reedclaw. Both were proud cats, and always wanted the best for their kits. Featherheart was a very fretful mother, and often Smokekit and Ashkit were prohibited from trivial things such as going outside on a snowy day. Reedclaw was better, but he was also a bit bothersome--he always wanted his children to be perfect, to grow up and be wonderful warriors. Sometimes Ashkit's more feisty personality gave her the strength to stand up to Reedclaw.
As the pair became apprentices, Ashpaw became less close to her brother. She found a friend in Aspenpaw, but he was more fond of Mosspaw. When the calico became a warrior, Ashpaw found she was rarely bothered with and Aspenpaw became less of a friend after he continued to keep by Mosstail.
Later Ashbreeze found herself being Thistlepelt's crush. After her falling out with Aspentrail as apprentices, she had no eye for romance any longer. Thistlepelt became angered, and still is a bit more grumpy to this day, but hasn't treated Ashbreeze any worse for it after he got over it. Ashbreeze still has no mate, but isn't really looking. Inside, she's quite sad...but won't tell anyone.

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