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Name: Daro

Gender: male

Age: three years eight months

Species: grey wolf

Rank: pack member

Description: Daro is a sturdy, dark pelted wolf. His fur is a very deep rusty brown-black. It is lighter on his back and sides, but darkens at his face, legs, and tail tip. Flecks of white appear on the lighter part, while the darker points are more solid. He has large ears and luminous yellow eyes that stand out in his face.

Strengths: He is decently physically strong, but also a very fast runner due to his long legs. He is good at scaling tough terrain too. He is smart and cunning.

Weaknesses: Not the most agile of wolves, nor does he have the most endurance. He's also a bit snappy and rough at times.

Personality: He is somewhat of a distant wolf, being a bit shy and nervous around others. He is rather harsh and tough at times, and seems uncomfortable displaying emotions. Rarely does he actually mean to harm another. He is a brilliant fighter, one of the pack's best. He is cunning too, often coming up with superb battle strategies.

Kin: Emrrah (mother--deceased) , Cale (father--deceased) , Sonalee (sister) , Okalli (sister--deceased) , Riktor (brother--deceased)

Love Interest: Jayzo

Offspring: Arclo, Torqu

History: Daro was not born in the Mountain pack. He was from a low-land forest pack, the son of a pair of average pack wolves. Raised well, he enjoyed his life with his kin and friends. Their way was a peaceful, content style and the pack thrived. As Daro aged he constantly wondered about the world. Unfortunately, two of his siblings perished in a flood. Time passed and eventually, Daro and his surviving sister Sonalee left the pack, as did a few other yearling youngsters, to start their own lives. He and his littermate came across the Mountain pack and decided to stay. Their he met the young wolf Jayzo, and fell in love. During the next year he struggled to befriend his new packmates, but finally was able to express his feelings to Jayzo and she returned them. He also found out from a passing loner that his parents had been killed in a pack skirmish. Jayzo had pups one years later; Arclo and Torqu.

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