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Post  Zoketi on Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:06 pm

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Jayzo ; Grey Wolf 050612-280.
Name: Jayzo

Gender: she-wolf

Age: three years three months

Species: grey wolf

Rank: pack member

Description: Jayzo is a pretty light grayish colored she-wolf, with a tinge of light brown. Her legs are reddish though, and they merge with her gray body beautifully. Her fur is thick and a little long, making her perfect for swimming. Her eyes are a beautiful light chartreuse-green, always gleaming.

Strengths: She is agile and lithe, and a good swimmer. She is also very calm, even in difficult situations, and doesn't anger easily.

Weaknesses: Jayzo is not extremely fast, nor is she that strong physically. She is also a bit gullible and sometimes foolhardy and stubborn.

Personality: Being rather gentle and quiet, she doesn't get on the bad side of many. Jayzo is good-natured and peaceful, though she can be brave and defensive when she needs to be. She is a good fighter, although doesn't like to often. Mostly she is very calm and sensible. She is very level-headed in any period, even through struggling times. Once in awhile when she is irked she can be a bit silly or stubborn and ends up doing the wrong thing, but that doesn't happen often.

Kin: Brassa (mother) , Pashook (father) , Horak (brother) , Kinzi (sister--deceased)

Love Interest: Daro

Offspring: Arclo, Torqu

History: Jayzo is the daughter of Brassa and Pashook, the two former alphas. She and her two siblings were loved by all. However, her brother Horak was chosen to be the next alpha, while Kinzi and Jayzo were expected to be either betas or regular pack members. Jayzo didn't mind, but her sister was a bit annoyed. But they grew, happily enough, into young strong wolves. Unfortunately, Kinzi was killed in a large pack skirmish. The family recovered, and eventually Jayzo was happy again. Soon Brass and Pashook retired, giving the alphaship to Lofalie and Horak. Jayzo was reaching two years, and that's when she fell in love with Daro, a youngwolf who had come to the pack recently. They are now mates and have two pups.


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